Get Well Arrangements



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These are available in many colours and come complete in a beautiful decorative container… One of the downsides of this beautiful plant is that we do not have it in stock at all times. However it can be substituted with another flowering plant of equal value.

Bright and Cheery


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An arrangement featuring brightly coloured flowers in a clear glass vase. A bit of cheer for those in need.

Due to seasonal availability, supply and demand some flower substitutions may be required. We will always do our best to ensure the finished product has the same look and feel as the arrangement chosen.

Indoor Tropical Garden


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This garden dish with its charming colourful flowering plants and assorted tropicals will dish up the kudos for you when you send it to that special someone. Perfect for hospital, home or office.

Vase Arrangement


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A vertical vase-type arrangement with roses. This is referred to as a high-style arrangement and includes liatris, roses, daisy poms, amaranthus, astilbe, freesia and assorted fancy greens.

The look of this arrangement may be achieved through the use of many different types of flowers, in stock year round at Quinn’s.

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